Contact lenses are devices made of medical grade plastic materials used mainly for correction of refractive error. They offer a more active spectacle free life, greater cosmetic acceptability, better & clearer images, lack of misting and a wider field of view than spectacles.

Eye Max Eye Hospital, Lucknow is the best in providing contact lens trial, fitting and dispensing for cases ranging from simple refractive errors to complex corneal surfaces such as post-transplant eyes and patients with keratoconus.

Types of Contact Lenses :
– Soft Contact Lens
– Hard Contact Lens
– Semi soft contact lens
– Special Contact lens like Rose K and Boston Scleral lens

They are made of a material which is soft to feel and are therefore easy to wear. Main advantage of contact lenses is that they are very easy to adapt to. Main disadvantage of these lenses is that they are very prone to infection, so you need to take good care of them.

Contact Lenses are available in 4 varients :
– Yearly lenses
– Disposable contact lenses
– Soft toric lenses
– Coloured contact lenses

You need to take good care of these lenses.Everytime you put them on, you need to clean Them as advised by your doctor. You should also clean them properly after taking them out And should store them in clean solution everyday.