Eye Max Eye Hospital,Lucknow is reputed clinic for the use of most modern technology for the treatment of cataract. The department of cataract has been continuously upgraded for the best possible outcome of cataract surgeries.

A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens inside your eye. This lens, located behind the iris (coloured part of the eye) work just like the lens of a camera-focusing light images on the retina, which sends the images to your brain. The human lens, made mostly of protein and water can become clouded thus preventing light and images from reaching the retina. Eye injury, certain diseases, or even some medications can cause the clouding. But, in over 90% of cases, clouding is caused by the aging process. A cataract is not a ‘Film’ over the eye, and neither diet nor lasers can make it go away. The best way to treat a cataract is to remove the old, clouded lens and provide a replacement.

Symptoms of Cataract are as follows :
– Blurred Vision
-Double Vision
– Sensitivity to Light
– Need for more Light when Reading
– Diminished Night Vision
– Changed Prescription Power for Glasses

A full array of state of the art equipments and a high safety environment enables us to diagnose and treat Cataract accurately, safely and effectively.

The post-cataract surgery, the recovery is quick & the patients are sent back in 2 hours and because of accurate use of IOL, patients vision improves much better than before cataract. Therefore, our patients can resume all the day to day activities within five days.